Our Philosophy

The Keys to Success Begins With Knowledge.

We believe that having knowledge of facts and information is one important key.

The other is having the skills and abilities to make that knowledge work for you.

At CA Tutoring Academy and CAL Kids Learning Academy, we stress not only the learning of basic academic knowledge but also the development and mastery of mental, social and physical skills, so a child can feel confident with any challenge.

We follow very closely the students’ development of perceptual and cognitive skills and how the child understands their world as these are key areas that affect learning.

The overall goal of both the Tutoring and the Private School is to give children the experiences necessary for well-rounded development and organizational skills by taking them through levels of learning.

Admissions to CAL Kids Learning Academy is based primarily on a child’s levels of social, emotional, mental and physical development and academic knowledge. If age is determined to be a factor, options will be discussed with the parents at the time of enrollment.

We strongly believe every child matures and learns at their own rate, which is why we approach each child individually. Children are encouraged to reach their own potential rather than worry about what the other students are doing in the class. We want the child to feel good about their progress and to feel good about learning.

Our curriculum also includes Social Studies (as units of study), which provide the students with an opportunity to learn about and accept the variety of people, customs, dress, and foods of the world. Other activities include arts and crafts, computers, music, singing, games, sports, drama and field trips. During science lessons, children are allowed a hands-on approach for discovering new concepts and learning about the world around us.

Special care is given by nurturing the child’s self-esteem through instruction in personal care and social manners. We also stress respect for others and personal property.

Positive reinforcement and praise are tools used to motivate. We feel that learning is a fun and enjoyable process that can only be encouraged rather than pressured.

Our private day school maintains small classes with a teacher/child ratio of approximately 1 to 10. However, our after-school program offers individual tutoring one-on-one or a one-to-five ratio.


The overall goal of CA Tutoring Academy is to give children the experiences necessary for well-rounded development and organization skills by taking them through levels of learning.

We want every child to be:

    • academically knowledgeable
    • emotionally stable
    • intellectually active
    • socially mature
    • physically strong

These five areas are equally important for a child to have the solid foundation needed to meet the challenges of future years.

Our classes are grouped according to age and with consideration given to these five areas. Each class is guided by a teacher experienced in working with young children and who holds a certificate In Early Childhood Education as required by the State of California.

Classes are conducted in a semi-structured setting providing discipline but also allowing for free choice and a socially healthy atmosphere.