Other Services

While our Entrepreneurship Program is one of the most popular additional services that we offer we wanted to tell you a little bit about our other services.

CalKids Learning Academy

As part of Star Students Learning Academy*, we extend our services to the full day with CalKids Learning Academy which is a Christian Based Private School for grades Pre-K through 6th focusing on the fundamental subject areas, including:

  • Social Studies / History
  • Science
  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Music

Realizing that every child learns differently, we at CalKids Learning Academy Private School are experienced in identifying how your child learns (seeing / visual, hearing / aural, or doing / kinesthetic) and then proceeding to teach your child using the methods best suited to their learning style. We serve all children including advanced and gifted children as well as those with educational challenges and, as a Christian based school honoring all faiths, we also encourage the kids in establishing Christian based morals.

California’s Best Summer Camp

California’s Best Summer Camp is a name that demands we live up to its reputation and, according to our parents, we do. Offering a wide variety of activities to keep the youth involved, including field trips to inspire and entertain in addition to educational opportunities to stay up to date with their curriculum it’s much more than just “summer camp”. During the summer we offer themed activities including Career Camp, History Camp, Music and Drama, Culinary Arts and more! Then during Fall, Winter and Spring we offer camps to help busy parents ensure that their children are inspired and educated in a safe environment.